About Us

HikerHounds started just a few crazy years ago when Gemma decided to pack in the 'real job' and start walking dogs. If you have the time we'd love to tell you about the journey so far.

1. Our Idea

We love dogs.


Our dogs, your dogs, any dogs.

​We firmly believe that our pups bring a simply unadulterated amount of joy into our lives...  We couldn't overstate how central our dogs are to our life and pretty much everything we do and enjoy.

You guys know about the bond, the bottomless depth of love and loyalty but we believe owning a dog is also a license, a license to explore and experience, to run and chase, see and smell and that's what HikerHounds is all about. We live on the beautifully green (& Wet) Island of Ireland, where rumour has it, dogs were born! Taking our three rescues and whomever of the wider HikerHounds pack happens to be with us to new, or old, bits of nature is our joy.

3. Our Hope

All of our products are named after Mountains, walks or trails on the Island of Ireland or beyond that we have enjoyed with our 3 best friends. We hope to provide you with a lead and collar that will not only look amazing on your pup, but that will inspire you to get out into nature with your best friend.

2. Our Gear


Early on we found we were wiring through lead after lead on our walks. That's when Gemma's creative itch set in and we began our journey into creating hand made, custom dog leads and collars - We had the idea to use strong, sturdy and amazingly bright and vibrant climbing rope to make dog leads. Luckily Gemma's dad Bill, having served in the Navy, was on hand to show us some incredible rope & knot skills and our first leads were born.


To this day our first leads remain in the Hikerhounds Van and are used daily on walks to wrangle anything from Yorkies to Labs and of course Lurchers!

Since then we've been on a mission to refine and create products, from our humble home workroom, that we love and that enable or encourage people to get out and explore or adventure with their dog - we are passionate about our apparel and rigorously test each new product to make sure they'll be the best lead or collar you've ever had. 

We did a Wedding





(Iggy was invited)