• Martingale collars are AMAZING - Usually found on sighthound breeds, they make fantastic collars for almost all dogs! They don't clasp or open but tighten and slacken with pressure, if fitted correctly they don’t choke or put the same pressure on the throat as a standard collar, providing an escape proof option for the skinny headed Hounds. They are big and bold and really stand out! 

    Our Standard Greyhound martingale size fits 33cm to 43cm neck width & Standard Whippet size fits 25cm - 36cm.

    For sizing Martingales we recommend you take a CM measurement of your pup's neck and send us a message with their breed.  


    CAIRNWOOD - Pink

    BLOODY BRIDGE - Light blue

    BINNIAN - Orange & Black

    DIVIS - Black
    REDBURN - Red

    COMMEDAGH - Green

    If your dog isn’t a classic sighthound then we recommend you measure their neck and also the widest part of their head, around the ears, as the collar has to slide over this. If there is a big difference in size then we can create a custom martingale collar with an added buckle, just fire us a message!



    All HikerHounds apparel is made using heavy duty products to ensure durability. We do remind customers however that it is their responsibility to decide if the product is suitable for their dog. We would always recommend walking STRONG, NERVOUS,OR PULLING DOGS ON A HARNESS for their safety and comfort. We accept no liability for incorrect use or fault of fixtures used on our leads and collars.

    We advise soaking your collar and lead in a little detergent and warm water before giving it a scrub and a rinse then leave to dry. We don’t recommend putting any apparel with metal fixtures in the washing machine.

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