• Ever been walking the dogs and just thought how annoying it is having to hold a lead all the time 😴 🤔 

    US NEITHER we’re having too good a time with the dogs! 🐕 

    There are however some pretty cool advantages to this cross body lead! 

    - Hands free walking 
    - Clips easily to running belt 
    - Doubles up and clips to both a collar and harness for the pulling puppers out there. 
    - Can be used as a longer training lead.
    - Looks fetch as all heck over your dog walking clothes. 


    Approximately 230cm long .

    There are 3 attachment points (2 are adjustable) and you can clip the lead up into a shorter length if needed, you can even clip onto the collar-end hardware to double it up!

    Endless possibilities...

    Available in all our EXPLORE climbing ropes.

    (*Please check in for what our current Eco Meadow rope is as it changes every time we order it in due to its fabulous up-cycled nature.*)

    Choose your lead clip hardware for what will be best suited to your adventuring hounds.


    Our Eco Conscious Leads and Collars are made by hand on the Island of Ireland, using new and up-cycled climbing rope. This makes them extremely sturdy and durable with the added bonus of vibrant colours! We use fool proof naval knots as well as Rubber Binding to create the ultimate lead.