• Our water resistant canvas Dog leads!


    These ready made leads all come with our standard silver trigger clip.

    *If you have a very large, strong, pulling dog we recommend getting a custom lead with a large Trigger clip or carabiner.*


    All Leads are approx 120cm from end to end.




    Our new water resistant canvas! We went and fashioned full length canvas leads from our Essentials range. We’re so pleased with them - as any dog owner knows, co-ordiantion is key! You can now pair any Hikerhounds canvas collar to a canvas lead. This canvas is bright, hardy and water resistant as well as being super easily cleaned.




    All of our products are made by Gemma in Belfast, care, passion and a little bit of us goes into every item and our hope is that our apparel lasts for all of your adventures and explorations with your best friend, whilst looking damn good doing it.



    Ready Made ESSENTIAL Waterproof Full Canvas Leads


    All Hiker Hounds apparel is made using heavy duty products to ensure durability. We do remind customers however that it is their responsibility to decide if the product is suitable for their dog.

    We would always recommend walking larger, nervous or pulling dogs on a harness for their safety and comfort. We accept no liability for incorrect use or fault of fixtures used on our leads and collars. If you have extra requirements or concerns regarding your dog and their apparel simply message us and we can provide even stronger fixtures or recommend alternate items that may suit you better.