• Our Hemp Rope range with Rope handles or Canvas Handles.


    These ready made leads all come with our standard silver trigger clip. If you have a very large, strong, pulling dog we recommend getting a custom lead with a large Trigger clip or carabiner.


    All Leads are approx 120cm from end to end.



    Lets Talk about Hemp Baby


    Hemp is awesome - As a naturally occurring fibre, hemp has long been the primary material for ships’ rigging and other marine uses, and as hemp rope floats you can see why sailors used it *sings* In the Navy. Hemp rope has been used the world over for centuries due to its superior strength and resistance to rotting, Hemp is 100% organic and 100% vegan, 100% awesome.


    Gemma’s dad was banging on about Hemp rope for ages, clearly he developed a deep and profund relationship with it whilst a crewmember in her Majesty’s Naval Service seven million years ago - Bill showed us how to splice the rope to make it even stronger and lots more fancy knots, togther we came up with our new leads - Cheers Bill!

    Ready Made Hemp Leads


    All Hiker Hounds apparel is made using heavy duty products to ensure durability. We do remind customers however that it is their responsibility to decide if the product is suitable for their dog.

    We would always recommend walking larger, nervous or pulling dogs on a harness for their safety and comfort. We accept no liability for incorrect use or fault of fixtures used on our leads and collars. If you have extra requirements or concerns regarding your dog and their apparel simply message us and we can provide even stronger fixtures or recommend alternate items that may suit you better.