• Gem

for the love of hemp

As much as we will always be huge fans of our original Explore Rope Leads, I have absolutely fallen in love with our super stylish, strong and planet loving Hemp rope leads.

The rustic look of the Hemp rope combined with a soft Climbing Rope handle, sturdy Essentials Canvas handle, OR, Canvas Art handle, fills me with joy and a sense of adventurous stylin’ every time we go for a walk!

The full canvas leads (waterproof Essential or Canvas art ranges) also now have a very cool hemp webbing option available!

We have previously mentioned how helpful and instrumental my lovely Dad has been with the development of our products, mostly from his great seafaring days, *sings*, in the Navy. His Knowledge of knots and enthusiastic ideas helped us work together as he taught me how to splice, lots of patience needed on both sides... and our hemp rope leads were created!

Bill was banging on about Hemp rope for ages, clearly he developed a deep and profound relationship with it whilst a crew member in the Navy Service seven million years ago. Thanks Bill! (More from Bill later for any of his fans keen to hear about his previous pirate days..)

Now to tell you more about why this wondrous material has us all excited and so in love with it, I will let the experts explain.

"What is hemp rope?”

"Hemp rope is woven from naturally occurring hemp fibres – exactly as it has been for over 10,000 years.. These fibres are extracted from the stems of the flax plant (Linum usitatissimum) – making them 100% organic, 100% vegan and fully biodegradable – and are subsequently spun to create tough multi-strand threads.

This fast-growing, hardy plant provides the fibres needed for rope, and was the primary rigging and cordage used in the Age of Sail thanks to its flexibility, versatility, availability and durability.

This makes natural hemp rope a perfect solution for environmentally-conscious consumers.

Aside from being environmentally-friendly, natural hemp rope also boasts a number of other useful properties. For example, flax is recognised as one of the strongest natural fibres on the planet, and this superior strength is echoed in the final product. It also benefits from:

  • a soft, pleasant texture

  • the ability to float on water

  • resistance to heat

  • resistance to UV rays

  • durability

  • flexibility

  • good knot retention."

Your handle of choice is connected via strong steel hardware. We have clip attachments to suit the needs of your adventure buddies, whether they pull like an overly excited horse, toddle along taking it all in their stride or have Iggy's issue and simply weigh 2kg so the smallest clip is needed...

I hope you now share a little of our enthusiasm for Hemp Rope! But if not, the original Explore range will always be there! Theres a whole other blog for why Climbing Rope is also super awesome don't worry!..

Thanks for reading,

Gem and the Hounds.