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We LOVE a Martingale and although they were initially designed for small pea headed sighthounds they have great benefits and are widely accepted as a brilliant style of collar for any kind of dog! When fitted correctly they are a safe, escape-proof, comfortable and long lasting collar, as well as looking fab-u-lous.

What is a Martingale Collar?

A martingale collar consists of two interconnected loops. They don't have a buckle and slip over your dogs head, they then tighten and slacken with the lead but never to the point of any discomfort when correctly sized and used. They are super safe and encourage good walking habits!

Why We Love Them.

Martingale collars are AMAZING - Usually found on sighthound dogs, they make fantastic collars for all sorts of breeds!

Image @spageddieandwinnie

They are safe and reliable. For those who have ever experienced a dog back out of a standard collar; when fitted and used correctly they are comfortable, don’t choke or put the same pressure on the throat as a standard collar, providing an escape proof option for the skinny headed Hounds or nervy, fearful dogs.

Image: @trumpdog

They also encourage good walking habits but in a gentler way than some choke or slip collars and leads. The collar will tighten with pressure on the lead and contract around their neck but not to the point of choking the dog and then loosens again with slack. As the human of reactive dogs I know I have great control and they cannot pull away or twist out of their collars when we pass other dogs, cats, whatever Honey has decided to be scared of/dislike that day.

We have had some great feedback from a variety of breeds who are now martingale converts including Huskies, Spaniels, Jack Russells and our fave Heinz 57s.

Image: @livingwithcollies

They look great and are super stylish. Available in all of our designs and ropes, they are big, bold and really stand out! Shop here>>>

Safety Points.

I may have mentioned a few times, they must be sized and fitted correctly! We also don’t leave the dog’s collars on when in the house. This is when some people will switch to house collars, (a loose or buckle collar) to prevent any catching while unattended. The dog tags should also be attached to one of the twin sliders not the D-ring to prevent catching on anything. Martingales tend to comfortably work best in the 4cm width however for smaller puppers a 2.5cm width option is available!

Check out the item descriptions for more info and for how to measure your doggos.

Thank you for reading!

Gem and the Hounds. Some more non-pointies in their Martingale collars!


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