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#Life Of A Dogwalker

Updated: Aug 9, 2018

Hi Guys,

We've been toying with the idea of a blog for some time now! As with everything it's about clearing the time - We put our energy into so many different things to try and better or grow our business and sometimes that leaves so little room for anything else!

Blogging however is something we want to do for us. When Gemma started her business almost 3 years ago it was a massive leap into the unknown - We are so amazed and grateful for all the support from our customers, clients and friends and remain so enthused about making HikerHounds everything we know it can be.

This blog is all about bringing the HikerHounds story to you, obviously we hope people are interested! We don't think of ourselves as all knowing dog gurus but we do feel uniquely placed to offer our experiences and insights into Northern Ireland's ever growing dog world! We do spend almost every day of the week with anywhere from 3 to 30 dogs too so we may have picked up a few things! We want to show you our tips, tricks, trials and tribulations, as always our focus is on being honest and just showing you ourselves! We believe so strongly in our business and ethos - We'll be talking about whatever comes to mind but mainly we just want to engage with you, the people and pups we meet is what makes this whole thing worthwhile and we just want to carry on sharing this trip with you all!

So stay tuned - as always we rely so heavily on you fantastic people liking, commenting and sharing stories with us.

Gem, Colm, Onyx, Honey and Iggy

The HikerHounds Team

Onyx, Honey & Iggy
The HikerHounds Team